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Facebook style notifications

With the Kingston release ServiceNow have brought in a feature called “announcements” within the service portal. On the docs site they say that you can “Use announcements to broadcast messages to Service Portal users. Announcements can display in an announcement banner or an announcement widget instance.”   This is a welcome addition to the ever… Continue reading


Record Watch with Animation

A lot of the time when using record watch to show record updates in real-time I would just use the heavy handed approach of updating the whole scope with something akin to the following :

This works well and gives the desired outcome, but in essence what is happening here is that even if… Continue reading

Catalog / Widgets

Item Suggestions

How many times have you had customers tell you that they want their service catalog to be “like Amazon”? Well, that got me to thinking; surely we can borrow some ideas from Amazon, implement them in the service portal and hopefully get those customers one step closer to their Amazon like dream. The outcome was… Continue reading

AI / Widgets

Chatbot – SAMI

A very hot topic within IT at the moment is AI and chatbots, so I decided to delve into the world of natural language processing and machine learning. The outcome was SAMI (ServiceNow Automated Messaging Interface). It is very much in it’s infancy at the moment but from the brief video below you can see the… Continue reading


Displaying Widgets in Modals

Sometimes I find it is useful to be able to display information to a user without having to navigate away from the current page. A nice way to achieve this is to use spModal which is baked into ServiceNow (Helsinki Patch 5 and after). In the following quick example I am going to clone the “KB Top Rated”… Continue reading