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How many times have you had customers tell you that they want their service catalog to be “like Amazon”?

Well, that got me to thinking; surely we can borrow some ideas from Amazon, implement them in the service portal and hopefully get those customers one step closer to their Amazon like dream. The outcome was an “Item Suggestions” widget that emulates the “Customers who bought this item also bought” section that you find at the bottom of any Amazon listing:


And this is what the widget I have developed looks like in the service portal:

In order to create this type of functionality there are a few components that we are going to need:

  • A custom table to hold the data for us
  • A business rule to populate the newly created table with data
  • A widget to display the data that we are now recording



Create a very basic custom table called “Item Suggestion” [u_item_suggestion] with three fields:

  • Original [u_original] – Reference to Catalog Item
  • Additional [u_additional] – Reference to Catalog Item
  • Score [u_score] – Integer

Business Rule

Create a business rule on the sc_request table with the following configuration:

  • Name – Populate Item Suggestions
  • Table – sc_request
  • Advanced – true
  • When – After
  • Insert – true
  • Script:




Server Script:


All that is left to do is add the widget to the bottom of your sc_cat_item page and start ordering items to build up the data in your custom table.

Note: If you want complete control over the relationships between items then you could inactivate the business rule on the sc_request table and manually enter records and scores on your u_item_suggestion table.

Hopefully this article has been of use to you, I think we may be quite some way off getting the catalog to the full “Amazon experience” but small enhancements like this certainly get us one step closer.


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